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How we Rank Listings

Guide to Increase Ranking within PropertyPages

Like in every web search engine, a page only can accommodate a certain number of listings and thus not every listing can be guaranteed a top spot. Although PropertyPages has a fair listing policy, we do use different criteria and metrics to define rules by which properties are ranked and listed.

The following guide should give you an idea on how you can influence how and where your property will be found, either on PropertyPages or on search engines such as Google, Bing etc.

Ranking Criteria - The Completion Score

Users can only find your property if your listing information is complete and appear in the right sections. We do use a 20 point scale to determine the ranking of your listing. We call it the "Completion Score" which goes from A=100% to D=0%. The more complete your listing is, the higher your score will be.

Ranking Criteria - The Completion Score

When entering your property details your completion score will be updated as you work through the various sections of your property listing.
Sections also have indication if these already have been visited.
The goal is to reach a score of at least B which is 60% completion or higher.

Guide to Increase Ranking within PropertyPages

Property Name and Location: Providing a complete property address will help to show your listing where it matters. I.e if users do live in Penang or are searching for properties in Penang we can inject featured ads that are relevant to them.

Verify the GeoLocation: If you verify the Geo Location we can list your ad in nearby searches.

Set the StreetView: Setting the Google StreetView is as simple as a point and click. It will add value to your listing. Setting the Google StreetView is as simple as a point and click. It will add value to your listing.

Property Details: Filling out all the Property Details will help us to find your property in user defined searches. Users may look for no of bedrooms, condition or furnishing. The more information we have to go with the more likely your property will be shown in search results.

Property Features: People may search for particular features such as Jacuzzi, FiberInternet. If your property is listed in our Condo Directory, make sure you select it in the Property Details. Your Facilities and Amenities will be automatically selected. Just review and confirm them. Note: the listing won’t score higher if you select all available Facilities or Amenities.

Property Description: Add a property description of at least 400 characters. Adding your email or phone number won’t help as we already have your information.

Images: The most effective way to present your property is with images. Upload at least 4. Our easy to use image editor will help you with this task.

Floor Plan: Upload at least one floor plan.

Videos: Take a short video with your mobile and upload it at no additional cost. You may also post a YouTube link but why go through all the hassle.

Note: PropertyPages is verifying every listing and violations of our posting rules or inaccurate information may result in negative scores.

Featured Listings:

Each subscription receives a quota of featured listings. For privately owned properties, every listing is treated as featured. Agents may freely assign and change the featured status to their listings at no additional costs.

Featured listings are listings that either appear at the top of the searches or are injected at various searches or occasionally appear on side bars or within searches. The number of places is limited to a few (3-4) on each page to give all other listings a fair chance to be seen. PropertyPages uses a mix of location tagging, search preferences and completion score information to place the listings. The goal is to give every listing on average the same visibility. We do however favor listings with scores of A/B in the completion score and occasionally promote these to be featured on the home page or other more prominent locations on our website.

Priority Listings:

Priority listings are optional paid advertising. We do reserve spots on PropertyPages and you may opt of one of our advertising packages. For details check our advertising section here.

Confirm Your Listings

Other property portals allow you to push your property to the top of the listings by confirming properties either manually or automatically. To do so you are often charged an extra fee (once your credits are used up). PropertyPages uses the listing confirmation differently.

Subscriptions come with a quota for featured listings which are valid during the entire duration of the subscriptions. This will guarantee that your properties always get a chance to be listed at the top. Thus there is no need for you to be worried that your property will be lost in the thousands of listings the day after you confirmed it.

The confirmation of a property is for us merely a tool to ensure that properties are active. There is no automated process for this action but we do issue notifications. Properties must be confirmed every 14 days and will be de-listed from PropertyPages after 21 days. (Agent websites are not affected by this). Confirmed properties do have a higher ranking status than unconfirmed and the confirmation status is used in addition to completion scores in the initial or default search results. This measure creates value to our listings database where visitors find properties that are still on the market and thus creates a higher user satisfaction.