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Malaysia My Second Home

malaysia my second home (MM2H) aisa

Types of Long-Term Visa Available in Malaysia

There are a few common long-term visas that are available to foreigners to stay for long periods legally in Malaysia

Employment pass

There are two ways one can get the employment pass, either by setting up a company here in Malaysia or gainfully employed by a company operating in Malaysia. Normally, the duration of the employment pass is two years (or less) and it includes the dependents of the visa holder (spouse and children under the age of 18). The company has to justify and complete the paperwork for the application of the employment pass. Holder of this type of visa is not allowed to change job in Malaysia as the company is sponsoring his/her employment.

Student pass

Student passes are given students studying in education institutions in Malaysia. Passes are given to students studying in elementary or primary schools until post graduate studies (masters or doctorate students). Student pass holders are not allowed to work. The school is fully responsible in obtaining the visa for the student.

Spouse visa / wife of a citizen

This visa with validity that ranges for six-months onwards is given by virtue that one of the spouse is a Malaysian. There are financial requirements that needs to be met in order to get the spouse visa. Inquiries needs to be made at the local Malaysian Immigration Office as it is issued locally by that office. This visa will be terminated once the couple divorces or ceased to be married.

Residence Pass – Talent

This pass for highly qualified expatriates who wishes to continue to reside and work in Malaysia. The holder of the visa may switch employers.

Malaysia My Second Home

This ten-year social visit pass is by far the most popular among foreigners who wants to stay long term in Malaysia. It is renewable every ten years.

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa

Malaysia My Second Home Programme, Malaysia Second Home Program or MM2H is a ten-year renewable social visit pass that allows foreigners to stay in Malaysia for as long as they like. It was set up by the Malaysian government as a way to attract foreigners to stay long term or retire in Malaysia. It is open to citizens of all countries recognised by Malaysia regardless of race, religion, gender or age. Participants are allowed to bring their spouses and unmarried children below the age of 21 as dependants.


The requirements for MM2H visa is one the highest among the countries that offer retirement or long-term visa. When the application is submitted, the applicant must demonstrate that he/she has strong financial standings. That includes financial strength (must be in liquid assets and not properties) and income. The requires are listed below:

  Less than 50 years old More than 50 years old
Financial strength More than RM500,000-equivalent More than RM350,000-equivalent
Monthly income More than RM10,000-equivalent More than RM10,000-equivalent

Documentation required – last 3 months or sets of financial statements.

Financial strength must be in a form of liquid asset and it does not include properties. As it is not possible to list down all the financial instruments that are accepted by the Ministry of Tourism, email or call us and we can have a private discussion on the details of the financial requirements. With the details given to us, we will be able to help you better.

After the approval is obtained, participants must fulfil the following requirements:

  Less than 50 years old More than 50 years old
Fixed deposit in a bank operating in Malaysia RM300,000 RM150,000

The other major non-financial Malaysia My Second Home Requirements:

  • Marriage certificate is required for those who are joining this visa as a couple. Common law marriage, co-habitant certificate or any form of documents other than a valid marriage certificate is not accepted.
  • Letter of good conduct or letter or no criminal record for applicant. There must not be any records on those documents.
  • No infectious diseases like AIDS, HIV, malaria, TB, Hepatitis, etc.
  • Birth certificate of the accompanying child. It must show that the parents of the child are the applicants. Custody or adoption letters are required if the child is having a single parent or one of the parent is not the natural parent of the child.

Partial withdrawal for the fixed deposit, one year after the visa is endorsed on the passport is allowed for the following reasons:

  • Property purchase (bought under the applicant's or spouse's name)
  • Car purchase (bought under the applicant's or spouse's name)
  • Children's education
  • Medical expenses (for the family)

The purchase and services listed above must be done in Malaysia and not out of the country. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn are listed below:

  Less than 50 years old More than 50 years old
Initial deposit RM300,000 RM150,000
Maximum withdrawal RM150,000 RM50,000
Remaining amount RM150,000 RM100,000

The remaining amount is the sum of money that must be maintained at the bank at all times for the visa to be valid. If the money is required (i.e. withdrawn for personal use), then the visa must be cancelled. The banks will only release the money when the have the original letter from Immigration that states that the visa has been cancelled.

Benefits of MM2H

  • No taxes on foreign remittances into Malaysia. Your employment income and pension can be remitted here without any taxes.
  • You are allowed to purchase medical insurance from insurance companies operating in Malaysia. We were informed that Malaysian medical insurance is very competitively priced.
  • You can bring in your pets and used household effects tax-free.
  • You can bring in a maid who has worked for you before you move to Malaysia.
  • Parents of main applicant (not the parents of the spouse) who are more than 60 years old can be made dependents of the visa. He/she can bring in his/her parents as dependents and are given a renewable 6-monthly visa.
  • Children with the MM2H visa are allowed to study in local private schools and colleges.
  • Participants are who older than the age of 50 may be able to work part time (20 hours a week) but it is subjected to approval.
  • No "minimum days to stay in Malaysia" requirement. You can get the visa now and only start staying in Malaysia twenty or thirty years later
  • You can stay for as long as you like. You can start staying immediately after getting the visa and never leave Malaysia at all. You just need to renew your passport at consulate in Malaysia
  • MM2H is renewable every ten years and it can go on indefinitely. No worries about "I am not staying in Malaysia and the visa is a waste"
  • You are given multiple entry visas and you can go in/out of the country as many times as you like without informing the authorities
  • You are not required to buy or rent a property. You are not required to have an address in Malaysia. You can stay with your friends or not even staying here at all.
  • You don't have to report to anyone or any authorities on where you stay. You can stay anywhere you like (Except Sabah and Sarawak).
  • The minimum age is low at "above 21 years old" and we have many young entrepreneurs, especially those working on the internet staying in Malaysia under this program. Thus, MM2H is not a retirement visa but a long term visa as those entrepreneurs are not at retirement age.
  • Lower minimum property purchase prices Penang.

Disclaimers :

The rules and requirements for property purchase and visas are dynamic and may change over time. The requirements and information listed above are correct as of the date of publishing. Please refer to the relevant authorities for any latest changes or updates.