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Posting Rules

PropertyPages actively monitors postings of private and agent listings and enforces its posting rules if deemed necessary. This is to ensure that our listings are of highest quality and to discourage abuse.

Before signing up, read these rules explaining what constitutes a Posting Rule Violation:

  1. Ads for room rental, student accommodations, room sharing or short stays! PropertyPages will remove such ads without notice!
  2. Posting the same property in multiple ads concurrently. At any one time, one property one ad only! If the ad expires, you may repost the same property. Different wordings and descriptions for the same property in multiple ads are not allowed.
  3. Ads of different properties with identical interior photos. They will be considered multiple ads of one property.
  4. Ads or images that are not related to the property advertised. Description must match the property advertised.
  5. Images that are copyrighted or use watermarks of other companies. If you are not sure of the legitimacy of the image, do not post it. Posters are responsible and fully liable for their ads and images.
  6. Ads to promote services like interior designs, contracting work, etc. PropertyPages is a place for owners, agents and developers to sell or rent properties only. We do offer advertising packages for such purpose.
  7. Updates on the same ads on a regular basis with the intention to game the listing priority. It won't work as we use our own "Fair Listing" algorithm!
  8. Ads for properties that are not for sale or rent (fake ads) just to solicit calls from potential buyers.
  9. Ads with false descriptions or price just to solicit calls from potential buyers.
  10. Ads for properties that you don't have any rights to sell, rent or advertise (i.e. you are not the owner or not authorized to sell, rent or advertise the property).
  11. Ads using languages other than English. Website users may come from different countries and will have difficulty understanding the website.
  12. Ads with vulgar, offensive or indecent language. Pornographic images or images that are culture-insensitive are strictly prohibited.
  13. Ads purposely in the wrong location or category.
  14. Property descriptions containing URLs (links), emails or phone numbers. Images containing URLs (links).

Completion Scores:

Nobody is interested in partially finished property listings and we certainly don’t want them to appear at the top of searches. Besides being it a waste of your own money we at PropertyPages want to make sure your listing can be found by users not only searching on PropertyPages but also on major search engines. To guiding you through the process of creating an effective property listing we have created a listing evaluation check called "Completion Score". The check will score your listing as you enter your data and tell you how you can improve your visibility. The score ranges from A (100%) to E (0%). Private owners much reach at least a score of C (>40%) before the listing will be displayed on PropertyPages. For agents the score must be B (>60%) for listings to appear on PropertyPages. The score does not apply for listings posted on the Agents' personal website.

We also reward listings with a completion score of at least B (>60%) by occasionally displaying these properties as featured listing (depending on available slots). Properties with a score of A or B are treated the same with regards to rewarding properties.

Violating Posting Rules:

When violations are detected, the poster will be notified and the listing taken off the PropertyPages website. Users may then rectify the problems and try to re-publish the listing. Multiple violations for the same listing may result in a 48hrs delay as PropertyPages will have to verify the listing.

For serious or constant violations PropertyPages reserves the right to:

  • remove images without notice
  • delete descriptions without notice
  • flagged and assigned a lower listing priority
  • revoke the Priority- or Featured Listing status without notice
  • deactivate ads or listings without refund
  • disable or close accounts without refund

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